Dedicated to the manufacture of hardware for doors and bathroom accessories (with about 80 workers), situated in Águeda (center north of Portugal) there is a company called ATZ which is equipped with machinery capable of adapting the production with the needs of your partners/clients and also the market (fabricating products that are not in the catalogue, according with the clients desire). They have been been in the market since 1990 and from the first day to nowadays all products are known for their quality, durability and beauty. All are produced in stainless steel.
We invite you to discover more about ATZ and the wide range of products by visiting the website. You can also consult and download all catalogues. Among all services provided, ATZ also have the possibility to do the following finishes:

- Satin or bright stainless steel;
- Combination of chrome plated brass and satin stainless steel;
- Bright polished brass and satin nickel.
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