Headquartered in Vale de Cambra, in the district of Aveiro, Portugal, the Mindol Group began in 1973, with only one production unit, and is dedicated to the production of rest systems: mattresses, bases, bedsteads and pillows.

After the foundation, and over the years, it was necessary to create new production areas, as well as other products, to respond to the requests of the national and international market, having formed the Mindol Group.

The product line is contemporary in style, with many customization options. There are over 40 optional fabrics to customize bases and headboards. The models of bases, mattresses, headboards, bed bases and pillows adapt to different styles, intensities of use and customer comfort.
Currently, the Mindol Group has a qualified and experienced technical staff and the administration is committed to the future, respecting the environment, minimizing its ecological footprint. More than 50% of energy consumption comes from renewable energies, in which it has been investing.

Finally, the Mindol Group is committed to continuous improvement, with a view to meeting the needs of our customers.


Complete satisfaction of all stakeholders: customers, suppliers and employees, with the guarantee of a constant qualitative evolution in the development of rest items, making the Mindol Group a European reference in the area of rest systems.

The Mindol Group produces with superior quality, using the latest technology, the best raw materials and the experience and knowledge of its employees.


Keep the company in sustained and sustainable growth, focusing on national and international customer satisfaction.
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